Webinars and Recordings

Watch ecoinvent webinars on various topics around the ecoinvent database.

Oct 25th, 2023

Our webinars aim to support users of the ecoinvent database in their understanding and use of the ecoinvent database. The topics are focused on the ecoinvent data landscape, the structure and methodology of the ecoinvent database, as well as on common questions of ecoinvent users. 

All our webinars are free of charge, allowing participation of 100 people. For participation in any of our webinars, registration in advance is required. See the ecoinvent website for upcoming webinars.


ecoinvent Data Releases 

Each ecoinvent data release is followed by a webinar focused on the latest updates to the ecoinvent database. During these webinars, the ecoinvent team introduces new and updated data, new comfort features and documentation updates. 

ecoinvent Sectorial Coverage

These webinars focus on the sectorial coverage of the ecoinvent database. Each webinar introduces the data contents, structure and updates of a specific sector. Such sectors include Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Building & Construction, Metals, Electricity and Waste Management and Recycling, among others. 

See Youtube Playlist: ecoinvent Sectorial Coverage

All Recordings

We provide a library of all recorded webinars and instructional videos covering ecoinvent database essentials. Topics include processes, activities, methodologies, and more. The recordings offer answers to common user queries and serve as an introduction to different iterations of ecoinvent version 3.

See all ecoinvent Recordings on Youtube