Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA)

Sept 29th, 2023

By combining (environmental) Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, social LCA, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment is the joint evaluation of environmental, social, and economic impacts of products and processes over their entire life cycle. 

As such, LCSA can support decision-making by revealing potential win-win-win opportunities or any trade-offs necessary between the three pillars of sustainability. 

In contrast to LCA, LCSA has not yet been standardized and the concept still needs to be developed into an established methodology. The same as LCA, LCSA is data-intensive and covers the inventory of complete supply chains requiring the use of background LCI databases.

ecoinvent is participating at the forefront of LCSA development in the ORIENTING project and we will make sure that the ecoinvent database is ready for LCSA.