The freeware ecoEditor for ecoinvent version 3 is the tool to create, edit, review and upload datasets for the future versions of the ecoinvent database. 

Sept 25th, 2023

ecoEditor replaces the old (only internally used) ecoEditor 1 and the spreadsheet-based ecoSpoldAccess. The ecoEditor is free to use.

The ecoEditor Software

Freeware ecoEditor for Data Provider

The software “ecoEditor for ecoinvent version 3” is free to use.  

The primary use of the ecoEditor is to submit data to ecoinvent and not for accessing the ecoinvent database. If you would simply like to access the database, view or download datasets, please login to the database through ecoQuery.  

A document providing a short introduction to the software is installed on your computer as part of the ecoEditor. In addition, a four part audio-visual tutorials of ecoEditor offer a basic introduction to the tool.  

For more information detailed information please contact us. 

doc-icon  Download the ecoEditor

doc-icon  Read the ecoEditor release notes

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Access to Unlinked Datasets 

The ecoEditor gives you access to the production database of ecoinvent; in other words you have access to the latest accepted status of all unlinked datasets of the future version of the ecoinvent database. With the ecoEditor tool you can download these datasets (e.g. in order to prepare a corrected version of these data or to establish a new dataset on the basis of one of the existing datasets).  

The download requires a data provider account, for which you can apply directly from the software, and is limited to 10 datasets per day.  

We hope you will enjoy working with the ecoEditor and are looking forward to your contributions for the improvement and expansion of our database.  

Supporting documents for the ecoEditor

Guidelines for Data Provider to ecoinvent  

This document provides the necessary information to create and submit data to the ecoinvent database. The guidelines describe the basic concepts and methodology of ecoinvent, explain how the ecoEditor works and how to use it, and offer a step-by-step overview of the review process.  

Please contact us to receive a copy of the guidelines.  


This document is a check list you can go through before and after compiling your dataset to submit to ecoinvent. This can help you to first plan ahead and then check that you have completed all steps to successfully submit.  

Errors in ecoEditor 

Find here a list of the most common errors that data providers experience while using ecoEditor and how to solve them. The document also includes tips to avoid mistakes.  

doc-icon  Download Errors in ecoEditor

Example Dataset 

You can consult this dataset as an example of what the undefined version of an activity should look like.