About ecoinvent Data Formats

Sep 27th, 2023

What is the ecoSpold2 Format? 

The ecoSpold2 format is used to create life cycle inventories for ecoinvent version 3. This format sets up standards on what are mandatory and what are optional fields for a standard life cycle inventory. 

Learn more about the ecoSpold2 format here.

How Can I use ecoinvent’s .spold Files with OpenLCA That is Asking for .zolca Files? 

OpenLCA is an LCA software published by the company Greendelta and is a reseller of the ecoinvent database. In OpenLCA they use the proprietary file format .zolca to store datasets. In order to use the ecoinvent database with OpenLCA, the database has to be integrated in the software. This process can only be done by Greendelta themselves. Please contact their support to initiate this process.